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REO Asset Management

Financial Asset Services, Inc. realizes that every client handles their portfolio differently. FAS allows your internal team to be hands-on throughout the process, or FAS can handle the property from cradle to grave on your behalf. Our clients determine their level of involvement.

Finders Service
Let FAS do the heavy lifting in the REO disposition process by leveraging our Finders Service.

We handle all of the initial pre-marketing functions: assignment to a seasoned REO agent, occupancy reports (within 24 hours), evictions, relocation assistance and listing package delivery that includes FAS� marketing plan and suggested list price. Your employees can focus solely on the offer management and closing aspects of REO disposition.

Full Service
Financial Asset Services, Inc. streamlines the nationwide REO management and liquidation process through unique and flexible strategies. Our goal is to generate the best possible sales results, minimize costs and exceed our clients� KPIs. Our key components include complete REO Asset Management from cradle-to-grave.
  • Seasoned REO agents are hand selected based on our internal grading process and proximity to subject property
  • Redemption management*
  • Property Preservation monitoring
  • Manage required repairs, rehabilitation and general maintenance
  • Coordination of eviction and relocation assistance*
  • Task functionality is determined according to your KPI's - KPI Report
  • Property valuation and marketing strategy development
  • Weekly inspections throughout the sales process
  • Listing and offer management
  • Closing and escrow services*

*Based on county and state specific requirements

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